Only Human - 1 Kings 19:2-4

On Apr 10, 2013

Then Jezebel delivered a messenger to Elijah, saying, "So Allow the gods do to me, and much more also, if I do not make your existence as the existence of One of these by the next day about this time."  And when he noticed that, he arrived about and went for his existence, and visited Beersheba, which is associated with Judah, and remaining his slave there.  But he themself went a day's trip into the wilderness, and arrived and sitting here a sweeper tree. And he interceded that he may die, and said, "It is enough! Now, Lord, consider my existence, for I am no much better than my fathers!"
I am happy that the Holy bible is filled with males of belief who have been utilized by Lord to do excellent issues.  I am much more grateful that Lord also exhibits us the weak points of these “great” males of Lord.  It doesn’t consider lengthy if you truly plunge into God’s term to discover God’s selected people, God’s redeemed, God’s kids playing issues up.  It is comforting to know that as I nevertheless fall and arrange together attempting to Function Lord and provide Him beauty, I am in great company; the boldest and the bravest, trustworthy males of Lord had been in reality only individual.
One of my preferred great examples is Elijah.  Now this guy was a serious and nevertheless highly regarded revenue of Lord.  He truly been with them heading on; he went encounter to encounter with the earnings of Baal on attach Carmel.  He taunted, taunted and chuckled at them when their Lord could not consider in the give up they had Ready for him.  To Include offend to injury, Elijah had the give up he had Ready for Lord be drenched (much more like flooded) in water.  Then with a residing belief, he known as out to Lord and fireplace arrived down out of the skies and totally eaten the give up. What a view that should have been!  It provides me with chills just taking into consideration the success and power the Almighty Lord. 
After this excellent triumph he wiped out the earnings of Baal.  term arrived at Jezebel and she released a dying risk on his existence.  Now I know what you are thinking, “I wager he Was up prepared to contact out and provide much more fireplace down from the heavens! He most likely wasn’t even scared!”.  Wrong.  Elijah do what most of us would do when confronted with risk of execution, he hidden butt and went for his existence. He even went as much as requesting Lord to just let him die.  Just times back he had Was with unshakeable, all eating belief, and now he was virtually trembling in his bones.  Functions out Elijah was only individual too!
consider coronary heart in understanding that the excellent males in the Holy bible who had been used to do excellent, even Remarkable issues, had been simple humans.  They had been confronted with the Exact same fears, problems as you and me.  They sinned, and dropped lacking God’s beauty often.  However simply because they thought Lord, reliable in Him, and switched to Him once they had dropped smooth on their encounter in failure, He labored excellent Functions in and via them; He will do the Exact same in you, if you will submit your existence to Him.   Will you chaos up? Yes, most likely a lot.  Will you be great enough? Only by His grace! 
Don’t Permit the reality that you are “only human” to maintain you back; after all the Holy bible is filled with outstanding males and Ladies who are just like you!