Watching and being watched underwater

On Apr 10, 2013

by B. N. Sullivan

Recreational scuba diving divers are basically Ocean tourists. Just like tourists on land, they eat the surroundings and notice 'the local people' carrying out their business. In this case, of Program, the local people are the Creatures that live in the saltwater.

But make no mistake, this isn't a one-way activity. The Creatures look at us just as we look at them. We've pointed out this a rare occasions in the previous. long time visitors of The correct Blue might Remember the tale of Brutus, the excellent Barracuda, who seemed to be drawn to Jerry's dark and yellow-colored wetsuit.  Brutus popularized subsequent Jerry  about on the saltwater -- as soon as again and as soon as again and as soon as again!

At minimum we understood Brutus was there -- really, you couldn't skip him!  But Occasionally Creatures in the Ocean look at or even stalk scuba diving divers as the Scuba diver is unaware to their presence.  As an example, we as soon as Published a picture of a sly shark nearing a Scuba diver from at the rear of, as the Scuba diver -- immersed in what he was taking photos of -- continued to be unacquainted with the shark.  Based on our personal experiences, we believe situations like that occur really often.

It's Incredible how Ocean Creatures can seem to seem out of nowhere!  We Keep in mind numerous occasions when Creatures shocked us by actually going swimming correct much more than our shoulders. The picture at correct is an illustration of that.  I was taking photos of some thing -- I don't even Keep in mind what -- when this grey Angelfish all of a sudden swooped into look at from at the rear of me.  I pushed the shutter switch just in time for you to catch the seafood, Instead of what ever it was I meant to photograph!

Many Creatures in the Ocean are interested in scuba diving divers.  Whales, dolphins, sharks, large jacks, Bald eagle sun rays and turtles all have, on occasion, modified their Program to strategy us Carefully to appear us much more than.  Some have stopped to look at what ever it was we had been doing.

Sometimes, the Creatures seem to be wishing we will help their appear for a meal.  Dig in the sand, or start a rock, and you are prone to appeal to any quantity of 'inspectors' viewing to see if you have discovered some thing they would like to eat.  Direct a column of mild on to a saltwater throughout a evening dive, and you might pull the interest of evening time hunters.

Usually these types of activities are amusing, Even though Occasionally they can give the Scuba diver a significant start, particularly at evening.  We Remember a number of occasions when our minds briefly overlooked a defeat during evening delves when large Creatures we weren't looking to see all of a sudden made an appearance at really near variety -- like the large Manta beam that hovered so Carefully much more than us that we could have arrived at up and excited its large whitened belly; like the excellent Barracuda that zoomed much more than my make to Grab the small seafood I was about to photograph; like the 'wolf pack' of 5 grey saltwater Sharks that taken previous our shells so Carefully that we experienced the turbulence, which triggered us to try about and teach our lighting on them just in time for you to depend them as they sped aside on the saltwater.

There are a number of elements at Function here. For one thing, a Scuba diver's visible area is decreased Ocean, when compared with what it would be on dried out land.  Even in the best water, a Scuba diver can't see forward much more than, say, 45 yards (about  150 ft.) at most, and much more often, horizontally presence Ocean is substantially less.  Things near to the limitations of that presence variety seem as shadowy protuberances Instead of as well-defined items (or Creatures!).

Another impediment is the Scuba diver's cover up.  It's correct that with no cover up -- and the airspace between your cup dish and the Scuba diver's eye -- Every thing would appear like a blur.  But at the Exact same time, the dress of the cover up has a tendency to prevent the Scuba diver's side-line eyesight -- not just aspect to aspect, but also much more than and below.

Finally, we don't generally listen to an pet nearing us Ocean. There are no seems of footsteps, and as the wear out pockets from open up signal scuba diving make noise, most Ocean Creatures make no discernible seems as they transfer about.

What to do?  When you are diving, we claim that you regularly appear up, and down, and appear much more than your make to see who or what might be viewing you.